The 7 Primal movement patterns for humans

Our trainers had a great time on Thursday 25th August when Carl Montgomery came into the studio to teach us trainers some new tricks!!!
We learned the 7 Primal movement patterns for humans and why they are so important to add into every clients program and some orthopedic assessments.
Orthopedic Assessments help us trainers gain information about a clients body to help them better reach their goals safely. We can now test to see:
* Pelvis Alignment and if the Sacrum is jammed thus allowing poor movement patterns
* Tightness through particular muscles causing imbalances throughout the body
* Weight placement through each foot and if a person weight bears more on one side
Carl Montgomery has been in the fitness and sports industry for over 20 years and has worked with many Olympic Athletes. He qualifications range from Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sports Scientist, Lecturer and more.
We can’t wait for the next session later in the year!!

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