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 Relaxation Massage

De-stress and unwind during this full-body massage, personalized to meet your individual needs. My relaxation massage will realign and soothe your body through medium pressure and precision, transporting you to a tranquil state of relaxation.
30mins $60 | 45mins $75 | 60mins $90 | 90mins $130

Sports Massage

Improve your athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury with a combination of deep tissue massage, stretching and compression techniques. This massage reduces muscle pain and joint soreness, increases flexibility and speeds recovery from injuries or overworked muscles.
30mins $60 | 45mins $75 | 60mins $90 | 90mins $130

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage incorporates both remedial and relaxation techniques, providing a multitude of benefits for both mother and baby. Promoting relaxation and stress relief, pregnancy massage can work to reduce muscle pain, tension, spasm and discomfort; ease pressure on weight bearing joints; reduce fluid retention; increase lymphatic and cardiovascular flow; and nourishes the skin with hydrating massage oils. Appointments available with Lucinda Lane a Fully qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist;
60mins $90 | 90mins $135

Deep Tissue Massage

Rid your body of tension, release tightness and find relief from chronic and acute pain caused by injury or overworked muscles. This therapeutic massage focuses on deeper problem areas, with greater pressure applied during the massage. I will adjust the pressure appropriately to accommodate your comfort level.
30mins $60 | 45mins $75 | 60mins $90 | 90mins $130

Remedial Massage

Specialized techniques to locate and repair musculoskeletal dysfunction and injury to the muscles tendons and joints. The massage helps the blood flow to the injured area to promote faster healing.
30mins $60 | 45mins $75 | 60mins $90 | 90mins $130


A small cup is placed on the skin. The vacuum in the cup brings blood and lymph to the area, promoting circulation and healing. In addition it will help break adhesions between the skin and underlying connective tissues, allowing for freer movement. All pain and disease in the body is caused by stagnant chi. The reverse pressure of the cup pulls blockages out of the chi meridians, thus allowing for free flow of chi, and a return to healing and normal chi flow.


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